Strawberry Pie Filling For Bakery

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China regional baking raw material base,one-stop purchase,strawberry pie filling is one of my favourit fruit pie filling for bakery.

Main ingredients:strawberry,water,sugar,food additive,citric acid,calcium lactate,Starch,pigment

Strawberry rich season a large number of procurement,frozen perennial supply.

Our products are top quality and reasonable price,because we are factory.

Product specifications and packaging requirements can be arranged according to customer needs.

We can provide OEM processing,we have our own brand GUO DO DO,CHERRY YUAN

The strawberry that we eat in daily life,nutrition value is high,contain a variety of nutrition material,and have health care effect.So the origin of strawberries,where is the main origin of strawberries in China?

At present,strawberry production area in China ranks first in the world,and the main producing areas are distributed in the eastern coastal areas of liaoning,hebei,shandong,jiangsu,Shanghai and zhejiang.Shandong yantai as a key strawberry production areas.At present,shandong strawberry is gradually realizing new variety seedling factory,production base scale,fruit processing series,product market internationalization.Shandong strawberry has been exported to Japan,South Korea,Singapore,the United States and other countries,the annual output reached 450 million yuan.

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3-14 strawberry pie filling bakery

3-14 strawberry pie filling

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