Canned Apple Blueberry Pie Filling

Yantai Shenglong Food Co., Ltd.


Ingredient:apple,blueberry,water,sugar,pigment,citric acid,calcium lactate,Starch

Shelf life:1-2 years

Packs:tins,plastic barrel,soft bags,in plastic barrel:3kgs/barrel

Using:bakery or supermarket

Welcome to Yantai,Shandong province of China to taste the original apple.Our company has more than 10 years of experience in the production of canned fruit pie filling for bakery and other dried fruit and canned fruits.

HACCP canned apple blueberry pie filling

Sour and sweet blueberries and apples are very high in nutritional value and are common fruits in life.Can blueberries be eaten with apples?Can eat of course,blueberry,apple is partial cool sex,can help reduce the hot and dry air inside body,alleviate the body to give off calorific unwell feeling,suit the crowd of hot sex constitution edible.

Runchang channel

Blueberry,apple contains rich pectin,this kind of material can promote alvine path peristalsis,help alimental digest absorb,make alimental residue as soon as possible eduction,have certain embellient bowel action,suit to digest bad or constipation crowd edible.


Every 100 grams but the quantity of heat of edible part blueberry is 57 big calorie,the quantity of heat of apple is 54 big calorie,the quantity of heat of these two kinds of fruits is on the low side,conduce to reduce weight thin body,suit to be in during reducing weight edible.

3-2 canned apple blueberry pie filling

3-2 canned apple buleberry filling

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