Red Cherry Fruit Pie

Yantai Shenglong Food Co., Ltd.


Chroma:Ensure that the cherries are fully mature and the color is deep red and bright.

Brix:Fresh fruit sugar is more than 12%.

Hardness:The fruit has a hardness of 120 units or more.

Our fresh red cherry fruit pie is filled with aseptic technology using advanced preservation technology.The cherry fruit is red in color,bright in color,uniform in size and sweet and sour.And to maximize the nutritional content of the fruit.Each 100 grams of cherry pulp contains up to 59 mg of iron,ranking first in the fruit;and containing up to 59 mg of iron per 100 g of cherries,ranking first in the fruit;protein 1.4 g,calcium 18 mg,phosphorus 18 mg,iron 5.9 mg Ascorbic acid 3 mg,potassium 258 mg,magnesium 10.6 mg.

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Product packaging:

Main packaging:sealed cans,external packaging:kraft paper box,

3 kg*4 barrels/box.

3 kg*6 tin/box.

or 850g*6tin/box

Product storage and transportation recommendations:

Please store in a cool and ventilated place,store the ambient temperature of 5-25°C,the upper limit of the whole stack is not more than 5 boxes.Immediately after opening the can,use or hold a closed glass container at 0-2°C for refrigeration.Handle gently during transportation to avoid impact.

Product application range:

Can be eaten directly,also used to make European cakes,pastry,dessert,bread,ice cream,etc.

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