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Product advantages

Shenglong stuffing, as a non-toxic and harmless natural food additive, is widely used in the food industry.

No preservative, no pigment, no sodium cyclamate

Long term preservation does not deteriorate, which is beneficial to sealed containers and strict sterilization. Therefore, we do not need and are not allowed to add preservatives

Elegant and sweet aroma and taste

Sweet but not greasy, with harmonious taste levels, delicate meat, sweet and juicy, pleasant aroma and lingering fragrance.

Environmental friendly glass bottle with export standard

Glass material has good barrier performance, clean and sanitary, excellent barrier and moisture resistance.

Select the fruit carefully

Fresh fruit producing areas, carefully selected raw materials, export quality, delicious sharing

The pulp is elastic

Smooth taste, delicate pulp, delicious, sweet and juicy, fresh pulp is elastic, the pulp is very smooth, and the taste is tough.

Enjoy the fun of sipping peaches

Diced peach is small, with complete fruit, rich flavor, sweet and delicious, uniform shape, sweet and delicious, delicate and fragrant meat.

   Founded in 2010, Yantai Shenglong Food Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various preserved fruits, dried fruits, canned fruits, fruit pies, fruit stuffing, cherries, jam and other products. It is a leading enterprise in the deep processing of agricultural and sideline products in Yantai and an excellent demonstration enterprise in the processing of agricultural products in Shandong Province.



Home Homemade Mango Dried

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Bananas, Stop Peeling And Eating.

Bananas can also eat like this,fragrant sweet eat enough,a piece of delicious can't stop.Bananas are always the same as peeling to eat,now to a different way of eating,a piece of food is not enough.Choose a large banana,pay attention not too familiar,too familiar one is cut oxidation too,the sec