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Home Homemade Mango Dried

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Outside to buy the fruit claim is with fresh fruit,but did not see with their own eyes or do not believe too much,because unscrupulous business really many,fruit also through saccharin,pigment,preservatives and other bubble,drying into a semi-dry state to become preserved fruit,this food contains extremely high sugar,simply from the food heat,a gram of sugar is 4kcal.

A gram of fat is 9kcal,fat is more terrible,but the relative sugar is easy to digest and absorb,but too high sugar to eat into the body is still not good,especially like to eat sweets children.So also want children to eat beneficial preserved fruit can only do their own,into a small and convenient fly dried fruit machine is really good,can make a lot of preserved fruit for children to eat,the key is what clutter things do not add.

Recently the market a lot of mans,prefer this small Taiwan mans,it is small,but more than a large narcissus mango fragrance.

1.Peel the mango,leave a thick meat of 2 sides after nucleation,cut into 3mm thickness

2.Dried fruit Machine Small but very practical,a total of four layers,you can bake other fruits at the same time,6 sets of awn cut just 2 layers,so other 2 layers do not waste,I also used to bake peach,all the fruit sliced after the code in the Dry fruit machine online,do not overlap.

3.Mo Fei dried Fruit machine Set 70 degrees to bake 4-5 hours,you can take out to try the softness suitable for their own can be.

4.fruit drying time and thickness has a great relationship,as far as possible cut evenly will be very delicious,the table is really fragrant,baking when the room is fragrant and mango flavor.

5,bake not too dry and chewing head is particularly delicious,sour and sweet delicious,nothing is very delicious,usually do not eat fruit children can eat this mango dried.