Bananas, Stop Peeling And Eating.

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Bananas can also eat like this,fragrant sweet eat enough,a piece of delicious can't stop.

Bananas are always the same as peeling to eat,now to a different way of eating,a piece of food is not enough.

Choose a large banana,pay attention not too familiar,too familiar one is cut oxidation too,the second is baked out a little not beautiful.

Cut into thin slices,not too thick thickness,about 2mm or so.

Place the chopped banana slices on the baking net of the fruit dryer,then send them into the fruit dryer,close the door to adjust the temperature and time on it.

Fruit baking generally to slow down at low temperatures,so as to maintain the color and taste of fruit.

Temperature selection 60 degrees,time 6 hours.

Time to,look at banana slices ready,smell,fragrant sweet,eat up taste is also good,pay attention to do a good job of fruit slices to seal preservation,such banana slices in addition to direct eating,can also soak water to drink,with lemon together,great.

Bananas can also be sliced to do dried fruit,which is really a good method of eating.What else do you like to eat for dried fruit?