Teach You To Do No Add Dried Fruit

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Why should fruit be dried?

Isn't it good to eat fresh?Fresh fruit is certainly good,but fruit dry naturally has its advantages.For example,dried fruit tastes more intense and takes longer to preserve.Like my home tong father likes to drink lemon black tea,I will make some lemon dry,let him pack to the company,want to drink when immediately take two slices bubble.

And lemon dried than fresh lemon taste more intense,bubble out of the tea naturally better to drink.Want to bake good fruit dry,although very simple.But some people do out of the finished product is not good enough,either the color is dark,or the taste is very poor.In fact,different fruits,to pay attention to the skill is slightly different.Like those easily oxidized fruits,apples,Sydney,bananas,etc.,will generally be soaked in light salt water or spray lemonade,to prevent oxidation blackening.And pineapple this kind of direct eat will have the feeling of cutting mouth fruit,it is recommended to soak salt water after drying and then baking.

Let's give an example today:How to bake a beautiful,rich lemon slices?In fact,only need to pay attention to a small trick:low temperature baking.Excessive temperature will not only dim the color of dried fruit,taste and nutrition will also lose a lot.But low-temperature baked food regardless of appearance,taste and nutrition are winning a lot,but also become now more trendy and healthy cooking methods.

1,the first step of production:Clean lemon.A simple rinse is not reliable.First soak the lemon in warm water for about 10 minutes in order to dissolve the chemical residue of the surface.Then use the experiment to rub the lemon surface to remove the wax from the lemon surface.

In this way to deal with meticulous a little more at ease to let the family eat.Then cut the lemon evenly into thin slices.

2,lemon seeds are bitter,must be removed and then roasted.

3.Spread the lemon slices on the metal mesh rack.

4,first put the slag plate into the bottom of the dried fruit machine,and then put into four layers of mesh frame.

This dried fruit machine looks small and cute,but the capacity can be quite a lot.Can be placed in four layers of metal mesh rack at the same time,more space-saving.

5,set the baking temperature 65 degrees,time 6 hours.

The actual baking time can be extended or shortened according to the condition of the specific finished product.Foods baked at low temperatures can be better kept in color.

6,baking process,do not need to stare,you can rest assured to do other things.I often set a good time in the evening and get up in the morning to reap the fruits.

7,lemon dry to do baking well!See if the finished color is beautiful.