What Is The Real Healthy Fruit Dry?

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As we all know,the health benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables properly are much more.

Sometimes eat fruit is not very convenient,friends brainstorm skin,think of convenient and easy to carry fruit dry.However,by the fruit after dehydration and drying and dried fruit,nutrition is OK?Or is it all that's left to be the essence?What kind of dried fruit is the"real"fruit dry?What are the fruits of the fruit that everyone eats?

First,the real good"dried fruit",is like this The main processing technology of dried fruit is drying,vacuum dehydration and frying.

The approach is different and the nutritional gap is wide.The first two ways(with drying or vacuum dehydration)made of fruit and vegetable dried basically do not need to add additional sugar,oil and other ingredients,but the fruit(film)dehydration concentrated to get dried fruit,such as a lot of dried dates,raisins and so on is this.

There are many friends themselves with the oven DIY apple dried,kiwi dried also belongs to this category.For the above simple dehydration dry dried fruit,although some of the more delicate nutrients such as vitamin C,polyphenols and other antioxidant substances will have a certain loss,but most of the nutrients are still"alive",this is in the true sense of"dried fruit",which is still very"material":

First of all,dietary fiber in fruit,especially in the peel,is still preserved in this dry fruit,and dietary fiber is precious to modern people who eat more white rice noodles.Furthermore,the content of potassium,magnesium and other minerals in fruit increased greatly.

For example,the average potassium content per 100 grams of fresh grapes is 104 mg,while the potassium content per 100 grams of raisins is as high as 995 mg,so a variety of dried fruit is one of the good sources of potassium supplementation.In addition,some red,blue,purple black and other darker fruit dried,but also rich in anthocyanins,lycopene and other antioxidant substances,there is a certain value of health care,such as blueberry dry,black currant dry,red and so on.