Tasty, Non-fat Fruit Dried Preserves

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The oldest snack in the world is the fruit dry preserves.Compared with the 200 years of biscuits and potato chips,the existence of dried preserves is even older,so when it comes to this,it is possible to mention its healthy edible sex,it is through the fruit vacuum freeze-drying,vacuum drying and hot air drying and other technologies,relatively limited to retain the fruit and other nutrients containing vitamins,minerals,dietary fiber and so on,And do not add preservatives,is not only eat healthy,but also not afraid of fat casual snacks.

Vibrant Pumpkin Crisp

Like to eat vegetables small partner,is not often because of the rush of time,too late to enjoy a big vegetable feast,now do not have to worry about.Because this vibrant pumpkin crisp can meet your needs,different from other business production processes,the use of natural farm ingredients,and then the use of vacuum low-temperature dehydration technology,to preserve the original taste and nutrition of ingredients,a crisp taste,absolutely let you linger.

Mango dried

The weather in June was hot and dry,and it was better to stay at home bored than to taste the tasty mango dried.Carefully selected the Southeast subtropical fruit Kingdom of purple flowers,refreshing and tender at the same time,the taste is more natural and delicate.Then through VF technology,that is,low-temperature dehydration technology will be made into mango dried,at this time the taste of sweet and sour fragrance,sweet and not greasy,and beneficial to the efficacy of stomach nausea,healthy nutrition.

Jujube Clip

Walnut Kernel JuJube and walnut should be the Chinese people love to eat two kinds of casual snacks,and rich in nutrition.This Jujube plus walnut kernel,walnut selected from the hilly area of paper-skinned walnut,shell thin as paper,nuts fragrance.Slapping is selected from the Gobi Oasis on the first-class jujube,a large skin thin,sweet and delicate taste.When the combination of these two delicacies,soft waxy sweet taste in the emergence of natural nuts crisp flavor,rich taste level,just a mouthful,you can not extricate yourself.

Raisins We all know that the iron content of fresh grapes and vitamins and other nutrients are high,for the body cold anemia can be said to be a good jiapin.The iron content of raisins is indeed 15 times times that of grapes,and the nutritional value is higher.Today introduced this Rose raisin,selected from Xinjiang wine red seedless grape drying,full sunshine makes it taste fascia refreshing,sweet and slightly sour,usually do afternoon tea when the snack to enjoy,nutritious delicious,mouth fragrance.