6 Of The Most Delicious Preserved Fruit

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Fruit eat a lot of food like to eat a kind of foods,fruit whether it is directly eating or juicing are very delicious,a lot of fruit flavor things are also won the favor of food,at home after the play to a little fruit dry is also good,the most delicious 6 kinds of preserved fruit,mango dry on the list,the 6th most common rural.

1,Strawberry dried

Strawberry Snacks won a lot of food,strawberry flavor with the girl heart smell there is a sweet soft breath,aromatic strawberries into fruit dry as likeable,strawberries can not only eat directly,but also as a lot of water pastry decoration,drying after the strawberry,eat sour and delicious,a mouthful can not stop at all.


Raisins also known as grass dragon beads,eat up soft and delicious,raisins rich in calcium iron is the preferred food for women and children to supplement calcium,peach dried rich fructose on the myocardium has a nutritional effect,to say that the most raisins place must be our Xinjiang Turpan,where there are dozens of varieties of raisins,different colors,taste.

3,Dried Yellow Peach

Yellow peach dry rich antioxidants,carotene,anti-free radicals,dietary fiber,iron,calcium and other trace elements,selenium,zinc and other content is obvious,higher than other fruits,is the king of fruit,yellow peach dry eat up has a very strong yellow peach flavor,Yellow peach dry eat sour and sweet delicious,and this bright color is the color of the yellow peach itself,Do not add any preservatives.

4,Mango dried

Mango is also deeply loved by many people fruit,mango fragrance is very rich,after drying is also very fragrant,mango dried is a lot of food like a dried fruit,fragrant mango no matter how to eat are very delicious.


This fruit looks dark,but tastes very delicious,plum is a common fruit in the south,eat sour and delicious,plum after drying is also delicious,sweet and sour,thirst,this is very common in Fujian,Fuzhou Yongtai is the famous"Li Guo Township."


Every time the thought of Yangmei has a straight saliva,dragon Boat Festival before and after is the ripening season of Yangmei,this time in the country a lot of people will pick yangmei down to make wine,or dry,red Yangmei into dry as delicious,the country from the Sun plum generally first with salt water stains,rural people say Yangmei has bugs must be disinfected with salt water to eat,With salt water stains after drying,drying and then mixed with sugar can eat,Yangmei can also be used to soak water to drink,think about the mouth.