Why Do You Often Eat Cranberry Dried Fruit?

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Cranberry,the main yield of this fruit is in North America,and because the ripe fruit color bright red and radiant,a small cranberry fresh fruit contains more vitamins than many fruits and vegetables,so there is also a"North American Ruby"term.

In many nutrients there are some ingredients that add cranberry essence,which not only improves nutritional value,but also helps to improve the taste of nutrients.

However,in China's supermarkets rarely see the sale of fresh cranberry fruit,most of the food related to cranberry is dried or fruit juice type.Why is it that most of the cranberries we often eat are dry-shaped?

And the fresh fruit is still rare,the main reason is the fresh cranberry fresh fruit This imported fruits,transportation and preservation costs are too high,so in the country you can not eat fresh cranberry fruit is also reasonable things,and the price of fresh fruit in the domestic cranberry is also not very acceptable to many people.

Fresh cranberry fruit in the taste above and not yet ripe green grapes taste very similar,is a taste of acid,the taste will be a little crisp.But fresh cranberry fruit ripening time is longer,at least seven years to have fruit,and cranberry fresh fruit preservation is more difficult,at room temperature cranberry fresh fruit preservation time is shorter,cryopreservation words fresh fruit The best edible time is also about half a month.

So most of the cranberries on the market are dried fruit,preserved fruit,jam,juice,fruit vinegar and so on.