Several Kinds Of Sweeteners

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Sugar and sweeteners can make people feel sweet,but in fact,different sugars and sweeteners,will bring different feelings of sweetness,in the tongue can be divided into the front sweet,sweet,after sweet.In other words,there are different levels of sweetness.

If the use of preserves only sucrose,the cost and heat will be very high,and if the appropriate mix of different sweeteners,reduce sugar at the same time can also make the product taste more layered.In the face of the use of different food additives in preserves and dried fruit,Sheichangwei said:"A good ingredient must know the most reasonable way to add each ingredient and make the best use of each ingredient,which is the purpose of food science!"

At the same time,he also cautioned against excessive superstition of pure handmade,pure natural slogans,when buying the choice of complete packaging,clear composition of the product is the most focused.