Delicious Mango Dried

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What do you like to eat preserves and fruit?

Close to the mouth can feel the rich fragrance,eat into the mouth immediately burst of sour and sweet salty,the rich taste of both,whether directly to eat or to make drinks,refreshments,are daily life so that the tip of the tongue feel more exciting,indispensable blindly.However,in the hearts of many people,although the preserves delicious,but also afraid to eat unhealthy!Feng Food and food Culture and Cultural Education Foundation held a"Good Food pulse"lecture,invited professor of biotechnology,with the"plum talent"known as the Sheichangweilai to unlock preserves of the myths and mysteries,so that eat happy and peace of mind,is no longer difficult!

Preserves and dried fruit are mainly hobby foods,and the characteristics of such foods are satisfying,rather than giving priority to nutritional values.Although dry or sugar stains into such processing procedures,will destroy the content of vitamin C in the fruit,but still can retain the fruit mineral and dietary fiber,so the preserves dried fruit is not completely free of nutrition!But if you want to replenish vitamin C,you still have to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Have you been cheated on the tip of your tongue?Eat sweet not sweet first involves the effect of glycolic acid ratio on human taste,preserves,fruit dry flavor is usually very sour,when the manufacture will add some sugar into the balance of acidity,added sugar is affected by acidity eat not if directly eat sugar so sweet,but,has added sugar,of course,there are many heat Lola!Similarly,some carbohydrates,such as trehalose,are less sweet to eat,but the heat is actually close to sucrose,therefore,eating is not sweet is definitely not equal to the heat is not high!

In fact,with the principle of fruit drying and preserves,both of the water activity(the important factors affecting microbial growth)are very low,so there is no need to add preservatives,just take into account the taste of modern people do not love too dry wood fruit dry too dry,preserves made directly with high sugar sugar stains when the appearance will wrinkle not good,Or when using low-sugar initial sugary preserves,it is possible to add preservatives to ensure that there is no corruption.