Love Fruit Dried Preserves

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Choose fruit big meat thick yangmei,fruit fragrant,tight chewy,each pulp has retained more water,delicious and juicy,soft waxy sweet pulp,nutrient-rich,sour and very taste.

Featured Fresh water moisturizing plum,fruit big meat thick,taste mellow,sour sweet mouth,retain more moisture,fresh and juicy,suitable for leisure time to a,exquisite delicious,a try unforgettable.

The use of American cranberry,freshly picked,fresh fruit without squeezing direct production results dry,nutrient-rich,good taste,full pulp,sweet and sour soft waxy,sour and sweet cranberry dry,full crystal,fleshy full thick chewy,sour and sweet and delicious.

Choose high-quality fruit,a large uniform,natural color,thin meat thick,full pulp,granular symmetry,delicate entrance,moderate sweet and sour,sweet aftertaste,soft and chewy,fresh and delicious,for all ages delicious,pregnant mother can also rest assured to eat.

A selection of high-quality plums made of lover Plum,the appearance of round and small,the pulp mellow refreshing,the taste of cool sour and sweet,like to eat sweet preserves preserved fruit,this must not be missed,a bite down,sweet and not greasy,let people eat also want to eat the delicious.

American West Plum,sour and sweet delicious,mouth flexible chewing non-stop,each pulp is full filling,color fresh,sour and sweet ratio just good,this plum is relatively sweet,soft waxy sweet,leisure time must be delicious.